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What is SERA ?

The Software Engineers Reporting Assistant (SERA), is a program that primarily helps system analysts, programmers, software engineers, or any contributor in the Information Technology Industry to speedily create a Status Report of his work.

To begin with ...

Before you start using the Software Engineer's Reporting Assistant (SERA), these are the things you need to know and do.

Why SERA ?

I have been a software engineer and a manager. I have been writing status reports every week to be sent to my manager. And have been recieving status reports too.

Having worked with different people in different organizations, I now have some sort of understanding on what an engineers' needs are, when a status report is written, and what a managers needs are, when he recieves them.

An engineer needs a simple tool that can speedily collect information about what he did without him having to bother about whether he missed any information or whether the format of the report is correct.

A manager needs the information in a consistent manner from each person who sends him status reports.

Both need the following:

I have also observed that the most common way to send status reports is - what else - by email.

Hence this attempt to write a simple yet customisable, open-source, platform independent reporting tool, that can be used by diverse kinds of people to report their work more effectively and efficiently.



Future Enhancements


There are only two files to download.

  • SERA.ini
  • Install

    Just create a directory, say "SERA" on your computer and save both the files in that directory. Thats it ! If you are on unix, ensure that has executable permissions. Then change to that directory and ...


    run SERA : ./